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Trackman is not triggering Swing Catalyst technical troubleshooting

Trackman connectivity issues troubleshooting guide.

You're having the following problem:

Trackman is connected and displays data in TPS but Swing Catalyst isn't triggered and no data is present within Swing Catalyst.

Try first:

  • Reboot the Trackman unit itself.
  • Make sure you're in fact getting data in TPS, if not double check calibration.
  • Check that Enable SDK Output is enabled in TPS settings*.

*Trackman 3e: Double check that this is enabled from the web interface. You can go to the web interface from TPS Settings, force operator and check under Setup.

If SDK output is set in TPS and on device and you're still not getting data, try to connect to the unit or SDK with a tool called Hercules.

Monitor the output from the unit / TPS software:

  1. Make sure TPS is running and receiving data from the unit.
  2. Download and run Hercules.
  3. Navigate to the TCP Client tab.
  4. Enter the IP and port below and click connect.

IP Addresses

Trackman 4

  • USB address port: 52950
  • WiFi address port: 52950

Trackman 3e:

  • USB address port: 52950
  • WiFi address port: 52950


Trackman 2:

  • Connect directly to the TPS SDK server on port: 52950

If connected properly in Hercules you should see the following output when you hit the connect button:


If you do not, then try restarting the Trackman device itself, the Trackman Legacy SDK is not outputting data.

If you're able to connect you should receive data as well as shot data as soon as a shot is tracked. This is the same data Swing Catalyst receives, and is a good way of making sure that TPS and the Trackman is in fact sending data.

If you're unable to connect, check the firewall, if connected over WiFi the Trackman can be identified as a public network which could be an issue with certain firewalls; try turning the firewall off for public networks, do you then get data?


Check Swing Catalyst's log file, in C:\ProgramData\Swing Catalyst\logs\log.txt

If you see this:

2017-10-05 17:11:40.694|DEBUG| Collect|LaunchMonitorNetworkClientBase.OnTryConnectCompleted(): Successfully connected to [Trackman] on [].


The TrackMan OEM Service is running, and needs to be disabled.


If you still do not get data contact Trackman support.

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