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How to use Trackman with Swing Catalyst

How to use TrackMan with Swing Catalyst

This article describes how to connect Swing Catalyst to the TrackMan and save launch monitor data along with the video. To enable the integration the Trackman software must be running at the same time as Swing Catalyst.

Note: In order to use TrackMan with Swing Catalyst you will need to have a camera that supports streaming video. (See supported cameras)

Installation: TrackMan Pro/Launch 4.0.9

  1. Connect TrackMan unit to PC
  2. Start TrackMan Pro or TrackMan Launch and navigate to the shot tracking screen
  3. Start Swing Catalyst and go to Settings - Hardware in start menu
  4. Enable Launch Monitor integration
  5. Select TrackMan

Installation: TrackMan Performance Studio

Supported versions 2.2-4.0

  1. Connect TrackMan unit to PC
  2. Start Trackman Performance Studio
  3. Navigate to Settings screen in start menu (Picture 1: gear symbol)
  4. Enable SDK Output (Picture 2)
  5. Navigate to Start and click Shot analysis
  6. Start Swing Catalyst and go to Settings - Hardware in start menu
  7. Enable Launch Monitor integration
  8. Select TrackMan


Installation: TPS with TM3e or Trackman 4

  1. Power on the TrackMan 3e device
  2. Connect to the TrackMan WiFi network in Windows. Alternatively connect the USB cable.
  3. Except for step 1, follow the same steps as in the above installation guide


Picture 1: Enabling SDK output in TrackMan Performance Studio. 


Using Swing Catalyst with TrackMan Pro/Launch/Performance Studio

  1. Start TrackMan software first and go to shot tracking screen.
  2. Start Swing Catalyst and capture swings.
  3. Open a recorded swing to view the shot data in a databox next to the video.

If everything was properly installed it should now automatically capture TrackMan shot data and save it along with the video.

Camera configuration

In some cases the TPS software may lock cameras on the system, causing them to be unavailable in the Swing Catalyst software.

In future version the TPS software may introduce a configuration option to disable this behavior, but in the meanwhile Trackman has provided the following workaround:


Open the TPS software and take note of the exact camera name as it appears in the camera list.

Locate the following file and open it in notepad:


Add the camera name into the file. If you have multiple cameras add all the names, each on a separate line.





  1. Make sure that you're able to trigger the system and that there are no other devices possibly blocking your ability to capture.
  2. Check that the TrackMan isn't in sleep mode and that it shows up as connected in TPS.
  3. Make sure you get shot data in TrackMan software.
  4. Check that Launch Monitor is enabled and TrackMan is selected in Swing Catalyst hardware settings menu
  5. Check that SDK Output is enabled in TPS, and also trough the web interface on the TrackMan device.

If you're still not getting any data in Swing Catalyst:

  1. Try to restart the TrackMan unit and re-check if SDK output is enabled.
  2. Try to disable the Windows firewall, if this works add an exception for TPS and Swing Catalyst.
  3. Check if the Trackman OEM service is running.  if so disable it, and try again. More information on Windows services here: http://www.7tutorials.com/what-are-windows-services-what-they-do-how-manage-
  4. Check out our advanced troubleshooting steps. 
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