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How to use FlightScope with Swing Catalyst


This support article describes how you can use the FlightScope launch monitor with Swing Catalyst. Swing Catalyst will integrate and store all the FlightScope data when recording a new take. To enable the integration the FlightScope software must be running at the same time as Swing Catalyst.

Applies To

  • Users with the FlightScope launch monitor.

Supported models:

  • X1, X2, X2 elite & X3 series.
  • Xi & Xi+ series.


In order for Swing Catalyst to recognize and read shot data from FlightScope it is necessary to enable server mode in the FlightScope software.

  1. Start FlightScope and click the “Advanced Settings” button in the main menu. (In newer versions of FlightScope you can just click the ALT key on your keyboard to bring up the menu bar).

  2. Click the Advanced Settings button, located bottom right and a menu bar will show on the top of the screen.

  3. Click Networking, and select Server from the list.
  4. Verify that “Server Port” is set to 1248 and press Ok.

Note: The server name and server IP address may vary depending on if you're connected via USB X2 (Ethernet for X2 Elite) and or WiFi. It should not be necessary to change this.

  1. Go to Player Comparison or similar mode in FlightScope.


  2. Make sure FlightScope is tracking and displaying shots.

  3. Start Swing Catalyst and keep FlightScope running in the background.

  4. Go to the Swing Catalyst Main Menu - Settings - Hardware and tick off "Enabled" under Launch Monitor.

If it says disconnected, make sure the FlightScope application is running and that the FlightScope unit is connected to the PC or WiFi network.

FlightScope should say, Server active, 1 clients. This means Swing Catalyst successfully has connected to the FlightScope.



 Known Issues

  • FlightScope is not shown as connected, even if FlightScope software is running and tracking shots and server mode is enabled.
    • Try restarting FlightScope and Swing Catalyst. Start FlightScope first.
    • Try setting server mode to None, then turn it back on again. See step 3.
  • FlightScope is displayed on the wrong screen. 
  • To move FlightScope to another screen: Click on the FlightScope program, and move the mouse cursor to the other monitor. While leaving the mouse cursor on the desired screen, click the F11 button. FlightScope should now be running on the other screen.
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