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How to setup launch monitor as capture trigger

This article describes how to use a TrackMan, FlightScope or ForeSight launch monitor to automatically trigger a recording when hitting a shot. This is a good alternative to using a microphone when there is a lot of noise in the area such as winds or nearby golfers on the range.

Applies To

Swing Catalyst 4.5 and later.



  1. Start Swing Catalyst and open Hardware settings in the main menu.
  2. Make sure you have connected your launch monitor device  to the computer
  3. Make sure the the launch monitor software is running*
  4. Under Launch Monitor check the Enabled box to start registering ball and club data from the launch monitor
  5. Check Use as trigger to automatically trigger video recordings when a shot is registered
  6. Swing Catalyst will now automatically trigger a video recording every time a shot is registered.

* ForeSight can be used without the ForeSight simulator software running. Please see the corresponding support article for how to use ForeSight with Swing Catalyst.


Fig1: Make sure launch monitor is enabled and used as a trigger.


Fig 2: Navigate to launch monitor settings in the main menu.

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