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Installing and Setting Up the 3D Motion Plate


See Install Guide for preparing your room for the installation.
See Start Guide for setting up the Motion Plate to use it.

In addition to the start guide, you should get familiar with the calibration test below.


Calibration Test

It is important to ensure a good calibration for accurate data. We recommend calibrating and testing the calibration before every session of a series of recordings.

  1. Click "Calibrate" button in settings menu - Hardware - Sensor Plate
  2. Click "Configure" button next to it, then click "Play" button to preview live force and pressure data
  3. Use the club shaft or your heel to apply pressure to a small area on the plate, then verify the pressure data (colored heat map) aligns with the force data (total CoP circle)
  4. Start a session, then capture a recording with no person on the plate. Open the recording and verify the force readings are within 10 Newtons to zero.
If you can't seem to align the force and pressure data in the test above, the plate is likely not level or something is pressing against it and obstructing free movement. 
  1. Once more, click "Calibrate" button then repeat the calibration test
  2. If it is still off, readjust the leveling foot of the force plate while pressing down on the opposite corner, first shorten it then extend it to the point where it touches the floor and you feel a little bit of resistance
  3. Confirm all four feet are in solid contact with the floor by pressing down on the corners
  4. Ensure there is no turf or similar pressing against the plate
  5. Repeat the calibration test
If still after two attempts of readjusting the foot and recalibrating the data is not aligned and you are getting off-zero readings, please contact support@swingcatalyst.com for assistance.
Attachments (please use 2017 guides where applicable, 2016 guides are for legacy purposes):
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