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Force Plate technical troubleshooting guide

This article covers how to troubleshoot force plate issues, which covers the Bertec force plates, i.e the Motion Plate 3 and 4 is not covered in this article.

 Bertec plates applicable to this article: Ski jump (6040), Golf (50x100), Baseball (dual plate).

If recognized by Windows, the plate will show up in Device Manager as USB Serial Converter.



Common issues:


  • All 4 feet not properly touching the ground, issue with older plates with old style ground rail where the feet don't protrude enough through the rail, customer needs to make sure all feet are protruding through the rail.
  • Plate not showing up as recognized in Device Manager due to bad cable.


Rare issues:

  • Dead USB board: One instance. Part No: AM6147-PCB. Serial No: S037211. Blown capacitors on the USB input chain. Reason unknown.
  • Noise on data channels, results in noisy data. (Often cause can be USB hub or adjacent USB devices on the same hub). Make sure the USB cable they're using has at least one ferrite bead (ferrite acts as a electrical choke and suppresses noise in the high frequency range).
  • If the supply power to USB is noisy this can happen. Also if the power supplying the computer is noisy this can happen on more data channels.



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