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Swing Phases and Key Points

To help break the golf swing into parts we define four phases and four key points outlined below. The key points (in bold) are shown in Swing Catalyst as bookmarks on the timeline.

  • Address phase - Addressing the ball, little or no body movement.
  • Start of take away - The point when club starts moving away from ball.
  • Back swing phase - Moving club head up and away from the ball.
  • Top of backswing - The point when the club reverses and starts moving towards ball.
  • Down swing phase - Moving club head down towards the ball.
  • Impact - The point of impact between club and ball.
  • Follow through phase - The time from impact to completing the golf swing.
  • End of swing - The point when golf swing is considered complete, little or no movement.


 Resources: Balance Plate Data Guide


Tempo and Rhythm Data Box

Calculates the swing tempo and rhythm based on the bookmarks set in Swing Catalyst. Helpful in identifying when swinging too fast or rushing the backswing.


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