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Tempo and Rhythm Data Box


Tempo is a measure of how quickly the golfer performs the golf swing. In Swing Catalyst this is the time from the club head starts moving in the take away phase until the ball is hit.

Rhythm is a measure of the rhythm in the golf swing and is defined as the ratio of backswing duration by down swing duration. 3:1 means the backswing is three times as long as the down swing.


Ideal Tempo and Rhythm

Tempo [ms] Rating
850 or less Fast
850-1350 Ideal
1350 or more Slow
Rhythm Rating
2.5:1 or less Rushed backswing
3:1 Ideal
3.5:1 or more Slow backswing

* Numbers are according to John Novosel's book "Tour Tempo".


Using Tempo and Rhythm in Swing Catalyst

If you open a recording for the first time you will notice the data box says bookmarks must be set first. This is because it needs to know where start of take away, top of backswing and impact points are in order to calculate the time spent in backswing and down swing phases.


  1. Click the bookmark button to unlock bookmarks.

  2. Click and drag bookmark to start of take away, top of backswing and impact respectively. Hold the mouse cursor over a bookmark to read which position it should be set to.

  3. Data box now displays tempo and rhythm calculated based on the bookmark positions you just set.



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