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Using FLIR Blackfly S (Spinnaker) cameras with Swing Catalyst

How to install and use FLiR Blackfly S cameras with Swing Catalyst. 

This support article covers setting up FLiR Blackfly S cameras with Swing Catalyst 9.4.



Swing Catalyst 9.4 has integration for cameras supported by FLiR's Spinnaker SDK.

Older cameras such as the Point Grey Chameleon, Point Grey Grasshopper, and Point Grey Blackfly are also supported by Spinnaker and the camera settings are now a part of Swing Catalyst, which means you no longer need to open FlyCap2 to change the camera settings!

Performance may vary depending on the camera, computer and setup. We strongly recommend to purchase cameras through a local Swing Catalyst distributor or Swing Catalyst directly, our camera model recommendations and computer recommendations can vary depending on the use case.

This is to make sure your computer hardware is compatible with the cameras you're looking to be using it with.


Getting started articles for Blackfly S cameras:


Legacy articles for Point Grey FlyCap 2 (Swing Catalyst 9.3 and older):


Tested camera models


  • BFS-U3-16S2C-CS*

* Note: USB cameras were tested in a lab environment. We generally do not recommend USB cameras due to instability issues.

Ethernet (GigE)*:

  • BFS-PGE-04S2C-CS
  • BFS-PGE-16S2C-CS
  • BFS-PGE-13Y3C-C

Known limitations: Currently in the 9.4 beta we do not have functionality to set / fix IP addresses, this must be done through the AdapterConfigGUI utility (see setup guide for FLIR Blackfly S GigE).


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