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How to backup your Swing Catalyst database & swings

This support article covers how to manually backup your Swing Catalyst database


To setup a automated backup please see https://support.swingcatalyst.com/hc/en-us/articles/222102268-How-to-backup-your-Swing-Catalyst-database



  • External hard drive or secondary hard drive with enough free space for your Swing Catalyst database.



Step 1: Making the backup of the database file

Note: The Swing Catalyst database file contains information of each swing & lesson recorded. It is essentially one large lookup table.

It's important to make a backup of this file that corresponds with the actual video & datafiles.


The Swing Catalyst database can be found in C:\ProgramData\Swing Catalyst\

1. Navigate to ProgramData by typing %programdata% & then pressing the Enter key.






Make a copy of the SwingCatalystDB.s3db file to an external hard drive or secondary hard drive.


Step 2: Backing up the actual swings



Locating your database


Go to Swing Catalyst Settings -> General and scroll down to Database.

Make note of the database location, this is where your swings & lessons are stored. 

In this example case the database contents (swings, thumbnails, & data) is located on the D:\ drive. The database has been moved from C:\ due to space constraints, as can be seen here:



The standard location is C:\Program Data\ Swing Catalyst\database.

To move the database to a larger hard drive or partition see this article: https://support.swingcatalyst.com/hc/en-us/articles/205113487-How-to-move-the-database-to-a-new-partition-or-hard-drive


Note that this folder contains the lesson files, golfers, backups of earlier Swing Catalyst databases etc. It's best to make a copy of all the contents of this folder.

If your database (as per the screenshot above) says C:\ProgramData\Swing Catalyst\database make copy of the database folder.

In our case, we want to make a copy of the Swing Catalyst Databases folder.



This folder and the SwingCatalystDB.s3db file can then be copied to an external hard drive or backup location for archival.

If you then wish to update your backup, you can overwrite the SwingCatalystDB.s3db file (on the backup location) and copy in the new golfers to keep your backup up to date.



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