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How to move the database to a new partition or hard drive


This article describes how to copy the students and recordings made in Swing Catalyst from one computer to another computer, for example when upgrading to a better computer.



Make sure Swing Catalyst is installed on the computer you are copying the database to.

Ensure you have enough room on a USB stick or external hard drive to fit the database + database file.


Copying the Database

  1. Open Swing Catalyst, go to Settings, click on General.
  2. On the right hand side, go down to where it says database & click Move database.

Please make sure that you have a separate partition or hard drive with enough space available when doing this operation.

3. Optional:

You can then later go into C:\ProgramData\Swing Catalyst & delete the folder called database.

This should be done only after you have moved the database and can confirm it being copied over to the new destination.



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