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FLiR / Point Grey (Blackfly/Chameleon) Camera no longer works after upgrading

This article covers an issue seen for some customers with FliR / Point Grey cameras that have upgraded from 9.1.1 (or older) to the 9.1.2 release of Swing Catalyst.

When upgrading to 9.1.2 your camera might stop working. This is because we now respect the saved packet size setting on the camera(s), vs getting the recommended settings from the FlyCap SDK.

This is a better solution but unfortunately might cause some problems in the transition between 8.0.5, 9.0.1, 9.1.1 to 9.1.2.


Note: You will need to apply this change to each camera you have installed.

My cameras stopped working after upgrading, how do I fix it?

1. Open Flycap2



2. Select a camera and click Configure Selected.

3. Navigate to Custom Video Modes and under Packet Size, change the value by one.


4. Go to Advanced Camera settings under Channel 1 in Memory Channels and click Save.



Troubleshooting steps:

If that still doesn't work go to Custom Video Modes and try changing the packet size. If it's set to the maximum value, try lowering it.

For example if it's set to 9000 try to lower it to 4000 and go back to Advanced Camera Settings and click Save on Channel 1 (in some cases you need to click on save twice).



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