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Recommended lighting for studios & garage bay installations

Recommended lighting for indoor solutions


Lumen and lux recommendations:

The general lumen recommendation is 30.000 lumen, however this ultimately depends on studio size.

Wherever possible use lux measurements over lumens. Lux provides a much more accurate and realistic image of how much light is needed, and how much light is necessary to produce a good image.

Recommended lux measurements for video analysis:

Hip-height horizontally: 1100-1300 lux
Floor below student: 2300 lux


In setups where sun exposure is unavoidable we recommend to install more lighting towards the door openings to try to eliminate silhouetting, however, as the sun's lux count is significantly higher than what LED lights can produce it's unfeasible to combat silhouetting completely.


Color temperatures

Example of common temperature ranges used:

2700K - Homes, Restaurants, Hotel lobbies, Boutiques

3000K - Libraries, Office Areas, Retail Stores

4100K - Showrooms, Bookstores, Office Areas

5000K - Museums, Jewelry Stores, Hospitals

5600K - Used to Simulate Outdoor Conditions

The type of temperature LED you want might depend on the installation.

Anywhere from 3000K - daylight can be used, but 2700-3000K is not uncommon for studios.

Again, depending on the installation, if it's a home studio installation, 2700K - 3000K lighting may be harsher vs a more comfortable daylight temperature.


Panel LED light with barn doors


Recommended for semi-outdoors installations, or in installations where a lot of light is required.

Note, these do not produce as comfortable light as the LED light below. Generally these types of lights are used for stage illumination applications.


YellowRiver YR-W0360S(3Wx60PCS Pure White) LED Panels:

Can be purchased upon inquiry, often lead times of 2-3 weeks or more depending on manufacturing times.



Note: We do not support the DMX512 standard, so these lights cannot be dimmed through Swing Catalyst.


Continuous LED Lighting (meant for photography & video):


A more high quality product, meant for photography & video. Can be mounted on tripods, and can operate off batteries.

Includes a diffusing filter (plastic filter that slides on top of the LEDs to diffuse the light), creates a more evenly lit area, but is not as directional as a panel with adjustable barn doors.

Note: You can sync multiple units up to one remote control to turn on & off, and adjust dimming of the lights.

These can also be run off batteries if needed.

Aputure Amaran HR672S Daylight LED Spot Light (Can be purchased at B&H Photo Video)




Where do I place my lights?


This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the type of install.

If there is a projector (as pictured below) it may be better with LED spot lights (more narrow beam angle) and focus the light more on the floor & golfer, vs trying to light a larger area of the floor.

As can be seen in the image, the lights are mounted at a 45 degree angle, and slightly steeper in the back, which creates a good illumination pattern, but as a result, the projector is very washed out.

These are important things to think about. We prioritized to illuminate the booth & having a washed out projector; it's difficult to have best of both worlds in this case.


Swing Catalyst booth at the PGA Show 2017 (running 4 Aputure LED lights)


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