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How to opt in to the Swing Catalyst beta program

How to opt in to beta versions of Swing Catalyst

This article covers how to opt in for beta versions and shows you how to opt out and downgrade to the current stable release of Swing Catalyst.


This article applies for Swing Catalyst versions 7 and up


Enabling beta versions

1. Start Swing Catalyst. Click the Start menu and search for Swing Catalyst.


2. Go to General Settings and enable the Allow Beta Versions checkbox.


Make sure you tick off the Allow Beta Versions checkbox under Notifications


3. Restart Swing Catalyst

4. A new is available pop up should show (make sure that you are connected to the internet)


5. Click Update, then click Download

At this point a web browser should have opened a link to download the new version.


6. Go to your file explorer and double click the downloaded file.


7. Run the installer



Disabling beta versions


Follow step 2 above for enabling beta versions and uncheck the Allow Beta Versions checkbox.

Uninstalling Swing Catalyst

Open the Windows Settings (shortcut key is Windows key and I), see here for more info: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/introducing-windows-10-ways-open-settings

Search for Swing Catalyst


Click Uninstall



One uninstalled we need to install the current stable release of Swing Catalyst.

You can download that version from here: https://www.swingcatalyst.com/software-download

Once downloaded follow step 7 and you should have Swing Catalyst installed as normal.



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