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How to use Skytrak with Swing Catalyst

This article covers how to use the SkyTrak Golf launch monitor with Swing Catalyst.





Supported connection methods:

  • WiFi (connecting directly to the SkyTrak unit)
  • USB
  • WiFi (network mode, SkyTrak connects to existing wireless network).

For more info on these connections methods see the Connection Methods section.



Swing Catalyst and the SkyTrak Windows software cannot run at the same time.*

If you already have setup your SkyTrak and have established a connection through the SkyTrak software, you will need to close the SkyTrak software then launch Swing Catalyst.

Note: For any connections aside from USB the SkyTrak unit needs to be charged, or the power supply needs to be plugged in.

Required software for configuring your SkyTrak:

SkyTrak for Windows is needed to change the connection type of the launch monitor.

* This may change in the near future.


Connecting the SkyTrak launch monitor

Prerequisite: The SkyTrak launch monitor is detected and connects with the SkyTrak for Windows software.

1. Making sure the SkyTrak software is closed, start the Swing Catalyst software and navigate to the Hardware settings.


2. Select SkyTrak in the list and change the button from OFF to ON.

Make sure you enable Use as trigger, as we want the SkyTrak device to automatically trigger a recording in Swing Catalyst.


Connection methods

Connection over USB

Connect SkyTrak to USB to the computer. All 3 led lights on the device should show green and SkyTrak should show as connected in the Swing Catalyst Launch Monitor settings.

WiFi direct connection

The SkyTrak device needs to be configured to connect to the device's own WiFi.

This operation can be done though the SkyTrak app which needs to be installed onto your computer (see link the link above under Requirements).

Connect your computer to the SkyTrak wireless network. Make sure the device is properly booted up and that there is no USB connection between the device and your computer.

On the device you should two green led lights and yellow light in the center.

WiFi Network mode

The SkyTrack device needs to be configured to connect to the local WIFI.

This operation can be done though the SkyTrak For Windows application which needs to be installed onto your computer.

Connect both SkyTrak and the computer to the same WIFI network. On the device you should see two green led lights and one yellow light in the center

How to change the connection type:

Making sure Swing Catalyst is closed, open the SkyTrak app and follow the opening setup screens for a Direct Connection..

1. Power on the SkyTrak unit.

2. Go to your Windows wireless network settings and choose the network called SKYTRAK.

3. Open the SkyTrak For Windows application and follow the opening setup screens for a Network Connection.


Capturing swings in Swing Catalyst

Please see our quick start guide on getting started:

Getting started with Swing Catalyst:


Further information and documentation:

Swing Catalyst User Guide (PDF)

Dragon USB 2.0 camera article: https://support.swingcatalyst.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010424960-How-to-use-the-Dragon-120-FPS-USB-2-0-camera-with-Swing-Catalyst

FliR Chameleon camera article: https://support.swingcatalyst.com/hc/en-us/articles/204945617-How-to-use-Point-Grey-FLiR-USB-cameras-with-Swing-Catalyst


SkyTrak support documentation: https://www.skytrakgolf.com/support/user-documentation

SkyTrak FAQ (frequently asked questions): https://www.skytrakgolf.com/support/faq




SkyTrak won't connect to Swing Catalyst

Depending on the network connection mode, you may have to make sure the SkyTrak unit is powered and ready for connection (or is connected to the network) before starting Swing Catalyst.


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