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How to run Balance Plate diagnostics (zero set)

*This article is for zero setting (removing unwanted noise & hot spots) and improving pressure distribution for Balance Plate versions 2 & 3. For help on installing or registering a Balance Plate please see: Balance Plate Setup

The Balance Plate consists of 2048 high accuracy pressure sensors, and a zero set may be necessary to ensure optimal accuracy. This article is a step by step tutorial on how to zero set the Balance Plate (applies to versions 2 and 3).

Please note: New Balance Plates may also show some noise upon setup. Please make sure you are using the respective calibration file (matching the serial number of your plate). If noise persists it may be necessary to run this utility to zero the plate.

1. Download the latest version of the Diagnostic Utility (can also be found under Tools And Misc): https://www.swingcatalyst.com/drivers.

If you have an older version installed already please uninstall it first via Add or Remove Programs.

2. Locate your currently installed calibration file in File Explorer. Paste the following into the "This PC" area: "C:\ProgramData\Swing Catalyst\calibration\MeasureX". Then extract the only file inside to the same folder. 

Note: If you do not have a calibration file installed please see Balance Plate Setup

3. Startup the diagnostic utility and click "Select Device" button then navigate to the same location where we extracted the file, double click or highlight the .mxd file and click open

4. Make sure nothing is on the plate and click Start. Shortly the software will start counting down from 10 and will ask you to start standing on the plate starting in the upper left. Eventually you will stand in 12 locations covering the entire plate.

Once done, save new calibration to the default location in documents. Wait until the utility asks you to fill out the contact form at the end and send it.

5. Lastly start up Swing Catalyst and go to "Settings>Hardware>Configure" Go to the 2nd tab labeled "Stance Sensor"'. Click "Browse and install". Navigate to your documents and choose the new calibration file we just saved.

If it was installed successfully you can click OK and then the Play button to stand on the plate and see if new calibration file is an improvement.

If you have trouble or the new calibration file is still unsatisfactory then please email "support@swingcatalyst.com" so a support agent can help you further.



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