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.NET developer (3+ yrs)
Xamarin app developer (1+ yrs)
UX / interaction designer (1+ yrs)

Today many of the best golfers and golf coaches around the world are using our products (Swing Catalyst) to improve their golf swing and play better golf. But our technology platform can be applied in many other areas than just golf, and we are now hiring more staff to take advantage of immediate opportunities in other areas, ranging from various sports (i.e. baseball and ski jump) to medical rehabilitation

We are looking for talented developers who are driven by innovation and technically exciting solutions. If you are into sports too, great! But if you just want to solve challenges and build awesome solutions that are being used by a lot of people, then that works too!

If you are looking for a part time position or working on a project to project basis, that is also interesting to us.




We offer a platform of products for teaching and training in sports:


Stack and development environment

We are heavily invested in the Microsoft stack and use .NET C# for all our code, even for the native app. We also stay up to date on the latest tools, frameworks and languages and we continuously improve on old code to keep things up to snuff. We do 2-week sprints and daily standups on Slack and plan for 3 months at a time.

Coding: C#6 on .NET 4.6.1
Revision control: Git on GitHub
Social: Slack
Tools: Visual Studio 2015 Community and ReSharper
Build server: TeamCity
Issue tracker: YouTrack
Deploy management: Octopus Deploy
Error tracking: Raygun
Analytics: Google Analytics (web/Windows/app)
Services: Azure all the things (web apps, cloud services, SQL)
Website: Drupal CMS on Pantheon
Webshop: NopCommerce (open source) on Azure




.NET developer (3+ yrs)

Positions: 1, full time
Location: Remote or Trondheim, Norway
Contact: Send your CV to andreas@initialforce.com

You are a passionate coder with a significant experience in .NET. As part of our team you will take on new features and maintenance related to most of our products, but primarily you will be working on our Windows application for video and data analysis in multiple sports. We are integrating new types of cameras and sensors and going into new sports will require new ways of looking at the data.


  • Depending on existing skill set

Relevant experience:

  • Windows application development using WPF or UWP
  • Full-stack development on web apps and web services (html5/css/js, ASP.NET MVC4/5, Azure)


Xamarin app developer (1+ yrs)

Positions: 1, full time
Location: Remote or Trondheim, Norway
Contact: Send your CV to andreas@initialforce.com

As our Xamarin app developer you will own the app product and lead its development.


  • Owner and lead developer of app
  • Ensure conformity with app design guidelines

Relevant experience:

  • Cross-platform app development with Xamarin and MvvmCross
  • Native app development on iOS, Android or WinPhone
  • Windows app development (WPF, UWP)


UX / interaction designer (1+ yrs)

Positions: 1, full time / part time
Location: Remote or Trondheim, Norway
Contact: Send your CV to andreas@initialforce.com

As our UX designer you will own the user experience of our products and regularly be in touch with customers and partners. You have a keen eye for structuring information and simplifying workflows in the graphical user interface and you will work closely with our developers to implement new features and projects.


  • Owner of the user experience in our products
  • Ensure a consistent design theme across our products and materials
  • Produce user stories, mockups and designs for new projects and features

Relevant experience:

  • iOS, Android or WinPhone development
  • Windows application development
  • Web app or website development
  • Formal education in UX or interaction design is a bonus
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