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Sharing recorded videos with the Swing Catalyst app

How to share recorded videos from the app to the cloud and other ways. 

1. Let's start by navigating to the "explorer" button located on the bottom of the app. Here you should see all the videos recorded on this device as well as those that have been downloaded.


2. Select the swing you would like to share and press the "upload" button. After it's done uploading press the "share" button.


3. Here you will have a few choices on how to share the video including sending to another registered Swing Catalyst online user.



4. Simply search for the desired recipient by first and or last name and as long as they have registered for a free online account you should find them in the list. If not check with the recipient to see if they have signed up or maybe used another name. 


5. Lastly you will have a choice to add any comments before sending. The recipient should receive an email and notification on on their app once it's delivered. 


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