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Collect Balance Plate Diagnostics Data

This article describes how to use the Balance Plate diagnostics utility to collect data for analysis by our technical staff. Normally you do this as part of requesting an RMA or when instructed to in a support case.


  • You need to perform these steps on the same computer you are normally using Swing Catalyst and your Balance Plate
  • You have connected a webcam or similar type of camera (optional, but recommended)
  • You have connected the Balance Plate
  • You have installed the Balance Plate calibration (see How to setup Balance Plate 2)


  1. Download and install the Balance Plate Diagnostics Utility

  2. Enter this in Windows Explorer: %programdata%\Swing Catalyst\calibration
    (normally C:\ProgramData\Swing Catalyst\calibration)

  3. Open the file named with the serial number matching your plate
    (normally MeX_cal_0259.zip or similar)

  4. Copy the .MXD file inside to your Desktop

  5. Start SensorEdge Diagnostics Utility
    Double click the shortcut on your desktop
    Hit Windows key, type "sensoredge", click on the installed application

  6. Select a camera in the camera dropdown (or Camera Off if you don't have one)

  7. Click Preview Video and point the camera at your balance plate

  8. Click Select Device and browse to the .MXD file on your desktop

  9. Click Start and follow voice prompts and instructions

  10. Click Save

  11. Find the file in your My Documents folder and send it to support@swingcatalyst.com or the support member you are in dialog with


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