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What's new in 6.0

Universal camera support

Swing Catalyst now supports just about any camera out there, including the long awaited Basler and Ximea cameras. This opens up a new world of camera models to choose from, including this one that allows you to record at 500 frames per second.


Vertical and horizontal forces (3D Motion Plate)

This has been one of this year's top requested features, to show more data from the 3D Motion Plate and what it can do. In addition to rotational force we bring you vertical force and horizontal forces for right/left and toe/heel. Admittedly not for the faint of heart, but showing those four graphs on top of each allows you to see what is going on in the different axes of motion and their timing relative to each other.


New User Interface

The user interface got a major facelift this time around and we think it looks a lot better. Even details like the desktop icon and splash screen have been polished.


Remember databox layout

We're happy to finally ship this one out the door. Whenever you change the data boxes, it will stay that way when going between capture and playback, and between opening new takes. Even when restarting Swing Catalyst. The layout is remembered separately for single swing, compare mode and data centric mode.

Foresight HMT support

We already supported Foresight GC2 device, but the HMT add-on measures the club head movement and how it impacts with the ball. Swing Catalyst presents all those extra numbers in the launch monitor data box.


Multiple launch monitor data boxes

Now you are able to show the ball trajectory in combination with any of the other tabs of data. Simply open up multiple Launch Monitor data boxes and choose different tabs in each.


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