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Configuration of the Simply Automated dimming system (UMC-DB9-50 & US2-50) with Swing Catalyst.

Lets begin by wiring the US2-50 dimmer module:

US2-50 wiring.jpg

When complete connect a lamp to the dimmable side of the circuit and test the US2-50 switch to confirm that the wiring is correct. (If you replicate the wiring as shown in the picture above it should work correctly).


Installing and configuration of the CIM (UMC-DB9-50):

Connect the CIM (computer interface module) to the computer via a USB to RS232 adapter, and install the drivers.

Once you have installed the appropriate drivers, install the UPstart software to start programming the module. Located here: http://www.simply-automated.com/products/SA_UPStart_download.php

Start the UPstart software, and a dialog box will pop up. Select "Open an existing network file" as shown on the picture below. Please contact Support if you need a copy of the file.

Note: Make sure you make a local copy of the upb file!



After loading the .upb file it will read the file and load it's respective configuration, and also compare it to the connected device. In this case it finds the device and it sees that both the .upb file and the device have the same configuration. In your case the device will not be programmed yet, so the UPstart program will notify you that the device configuration and the configuration file do not match. Don't worry about this, as we're going to program the device next!

Notice that the US2-40 dimmer module device is listed on the right side of the program.

In order to program the new module, right click on Unit 001 and click Install/Replace.




Note: To set the US2-50 dimmer switch in SETUP mode click the dimmer switch (up or down doesn't matter) rapidly 5 times. If done correctly the light on the module will flash green.


When complete you can test the device. Right click on Unit 001 and click On (your light should now be on, and this verifies that the programming has been successful).

At this point you are ready to connect to the device in Swing Catalyst. Note: Make sure you exit out of the UPstart software!


Configuring Swing Catalyst's Lighting Settings:


In order to test the dimming functionality, you need to enable dimming in Swing Catalyst. From there you can test the lights from the Test Control part of the Lighting Settings.

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