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How to setup dual Balance Plate

This article describes how to setup dual balance plate for use with right and left handed golfers. This setup assumes you will place the ball on the approximately same position for both right and left handed players.

Note: Dual plate support is still in its development & this installation procedure requires technical insight and is only intended for trusted partners of Swing Catalyst. Once it is setup, it will be very easy to use.

Dual Balance Plate works for both Balance Plate version 2 and Balance Plate version 3



  1. Swing Catalyst 4.2 or later must be installed prior to following this procedure.
  2. Drivers for Balance Plate 2 must be installed. See: How to setup Swing Catalyst Balance Plate 2 & 3
    1. Note: The Balance Plate 3 uses the same drivers as the Balance Plate 2.


Installation Steps

  1. Position the two Balance Plates facing each other on the opposite sides of the ball, so that both right and left handed golfers will hit the ball from approximately the same position. The USB cable should come out on the heel side of the plates, away from the ball.
  2. Make a note of what serial numbers belong to the right and left handed plates. The sticker is found on the bottom side of the plate.
  3. Open DebugSettings.xml in '%programdata%\Swing Catalyst\settings' with Notepad or a similar application.
  4. Find and edit the following entry: <EnableDebugViewer>true</EnableDebugViewer>
  5. Close the file.
  6. Connect one of the two plates. It is important that only one is connected at this time.
  7. Start Swing Catalyst.
  8. Select Balance Plate 2 in hardware settings and enable it.
  9. Open Sensor Plate configuration dialog.
  10. Download or browse to install the calibration file with a serial number matching the currently connected plate.
  11. Make sure all checkboxes are checked, then close the dialog.
  12. Disconnect the plate & restart Swing Catalyst, then repeat steps 6-9 for the second plate.
  13. Connect both plates to the computer.
  14. Hit CTRL+D to open the Debug Viewer dialog, and go to "Sensor Plate" tab.
  15. Select "DualFacing" in the second dropdown.
  16. Setup dual plate by selecting the correct serial number in the drop downs.
  17. Close the dialog. Dual plate should now be setup and ready to use.


Using Dual Plate

Swing Catalyst will automatically use the correct balance plate and rotate its data depending on if the current golfer is left or right handed. For this to work it is important that you check the "Left Handed" checkbox when creating or editing golfers. Only one plate will be active at any time.


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