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How to Use Remote Support

This article describes how to use the Swing Catalyst Remote Support application to allow Swing Catalyst tech support to temporarily log in to your computer and control your mouse and keyboard. It is assumed that you were instructed to go here from someone in Swing Catalyst support staff.

Remote support is helpful for a number of things:

  • Fix problems that are otherwise difficult to describe over email and phone
  • Speeds up the process - sending emails back and forth takes a lot of time
  • Get immediate assistance if the need is urgent



Swing Catalyst Remote Support is only available to customers with a valid Support & Update plan. Basic support covers email communication, only.

We will not have access to your computer without your permission and you can watch what is being done at any time. This application is only intended to help the customer and will be used responsibly.


Swing Catalyst 9.0 & newer


In Swing Catalyst 9.0 we have included a shortcut to start remote support quickly right from the main menu.

Click Help, and then click Start Remote Support. A window will pop open with an ID number. Make sure to send that to your support representative when instructed to do so.


 Swing Catalyst 8.0 or older


If you are using the latest version of Swing Catalyst, go to the main menu click help then start remote support. Follow the instructions and send the ID number to your support agent.

Step 1 - Close TeamViewer

If you don't have TeamViewer installed, you can skip this step and go to Step 2.

Find the TeamViewer tray icon, right click it, then click Exit.



Optionally, you can exit it from the TeamViewer application window. Click Connection, then Exit.




Step 2 - Run the Swing Catalyst Remote Support Application


  1. Click the Windows start menu, if you have Windows 8, hit the Windows logo key on your keyboard.

  2. Type in "remote support". You should find Swing Catalyst Remote Support application. Click it to run.



3.   The remote support application will show a dialog window similar to the picture below. Make note of the ID number below, 9 digits. Keep the application running to let support staff connect to your computer.


Step 3 - Notify Swing Catalyst Support Staff

Assuming you were instructed to follow this article by someone in the support staff, notify the support agent of the ID you just noted in the remote support application. Typically you will provide this ID through the support ticket over email or over phone. You do not need to give up any password, just the ID.

If you don't have an open support ticket already, send an email to support@swingcatalyst.com to create a new support ticket. Explain what you need assistance with and include the ID to speed up the process.

A support agent will connect to your computer and communicate with you through the remote support application. When the session is over, you are free to close the Swing Catalyst remote support application. We will not be able to connect when it is not running.



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