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How to run Swing Catalyst on a Apple Mac


This support article describes how you can use Boot Camp to run Swing Catalyst on your Apple Mac.

Boot Camp lets you install Windows on a Mac computer in its own partition, using a  Microsoft Windows installation disc that you provide.

After installation, you can use either Windows or Mac OS X on your Mac computer.



Applies To


  • Users with Mac OS (10.5- 10.11)

Recommended requirements

  • Apple Mac (10.5 - 10.11)
  • A blank CD or USB storage to create Windows Boot Camp Support Software (Drivers) installer media.
  • At least 16 GB of free space on the disk onto which you will be installing for 32-bit, and 20GB for 64-bit Windows.
  • An authentic version of Microsoft Windows

*Please note that not all Mac's can run 64-bit Windows using Boot Camp, and that only Intel Mac's can utilize Boot Camp.


In order to use Swing Catalyst on a Apple laptop or desktop computer, you will need Mac OS version 10.5 - 10.11

Swing Catalyst requires Windows, and works on Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

For the best user experience we strongly recommend Windows 7 64bit.


It is recommended to install Windows with the Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp allows you to dual boot Mac OS and Windows side by side - allowing easy access to both operating systems.

Holding down Option (Alt) key while you start up your Mac gives you the ability to switch between Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. 

The default operating system will be Mac OS X, but this can be easily changed in the Startup Disk Control Panel in Windows, or Mac OS X Startup Disk preferences to set the default start up disk.

Go to http://support.apple.com/manuals/#bootcamp and find the manual that corresponds to your Mac.

It can also be useful to check out the Boot Camp FAQ http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4818 which might help you to solve issues that may arise.

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