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How to setup a trigger microphone


This article describes how to setup a trigger microphone to automatically record golf swings upon the sound of hitting the golf ball. This is best suited for indoor or semi-outdoor Swing Catalyst Studio, where wind and ambient noise is low.

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  • Automatically capturing golf swings.

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Start Swing Catalyst and open Hardware settings in the main menu.

Scroll down to Audio Trigger Device, and check the "Enabled" box and select the microphone you wish to use to trigger the shot. 

Start a new Swing Analysis session, start capturing and hit a golf shot to test the microphone trigger. Adjust the microphone trigger level under "Mic Threshold" in the top menu to tune it to your environment.


  1. If does not always trigger a recording on the golf shot, lower the trigger level to make it more sensitive.
  2. If it triggers often without anyone hitting the ball, raise the trigger level to make it less sensitive.
  3. If microphone volume is too loud or very silent, adjust the microphone level in Windows. See: How to adjust volume of microphone.





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