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How to setup Swing Catalyst Balance Plate #1


This article describes how to setup the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate 1 for the first time. The balance plate measures pressure distribution, footprints, stance and weight shift patterns.

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  • Computer with a free USB 2.0 port.
  • Swing Catalyst 4.0 or later (32-bit only!)
  • Serial number starting with 1243133.

Setting it Up

  1. Download and install the two files for balance plate 1: https://swingcatalyst.com/drivers
    1. zebris_usb_drivers.exe
    2. Zebris.Acquire_1.5.25.msi
  2. Connect power cable to a power outlet.

  3. Connect USB cable to PC. Wait for drivers to install and follow any instructions if presented.

  4. Start Swing Catalyst 32-bit and go to Hardware settings in main menu.

  5. Click the "Sensor Plate Version" dropdown and select "Balance Plate 1".

  6. Enable the plate by switching the slider from Off to On.

  7. Restart Swing Catalyst 32-bit, then go to Swing Analysis, Select a Golfer and click Capture.

  8. The following dialog will open every time on startup. Click "Insert device" to configure the sensor. You only have to do this once.

  9. Select "G40x72z2" and click OK close the second dialog.

  10. Click OK to close dialog the first dialog.
    Note: The next time this dialog is shown on startup you can just click OK if you have already completed these steps.

  11. Go to Hardware settings and verify that the Sensor Plate is shown as connected.

  12. Your device should now be ready to use.
    Start a new session in Swing Analysis and verify you get pressure readings in the Pressure and Stance databox when capturing swings.

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