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Fixing image issues on CCTV and DV cameras

How to fix CCTV and DV camera related issues:

CCTV and DV cameras need to be setup correctly in order to display the image correctly. This is because they send what is called interlaced images to the computer and this requires special settings to read right.

Symptoms: The image is very unclear when the objects in the picture is moving and can the problem can be described as "seeing double" or suffering from "ghosting effect".

Cause: The interlaced video pictures are not displayed correctly due to wrong camera settings.


  • Set Deinterlace (boost frame rate) to Field 2 first of the camera in advanced camera settings dialog.
  • If you are not sure how to do this, follow pages 6-10 in the CCTV setup guide PDF. This shows you how to set deinterlacing in advanced camera settings of each camera.



Certain DV cameras have a different delays, which might cause the pressure data to be out of sync with the video.

In order to improve the sync you can manually adjust the delay. By default, the delay is set to 80ms for DV cameras. This delay might not apply to all types of DV Cameras, and slight differences in Firewire standards and computer specifications will change this delay.

Subtract or add delay depending on the delay.


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