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How to export data from Swing Catalyst

How to export data to be viewed in a spreadsheet

This article covers how to export raw data from Swing Catalyst, as tsv files.

Note, files exported aside from student details are tab separated, make sure to select tab delimited in your spreadsheet viewer.

Looking to export student information? See this article.


Exporting data from the stack


With a recording available in the stack, right click on the recording you wish to export data from and click Export recording as raw data files.


This should export files in the tab separated values format (.tsv files).


Alternate method of exporting data (exporting whole sessions)


In the Explorer, click on the Export button.



Export button drop down menu, click Export Session as Raw Data (this will export the entire current session).




What data is available without a Balance plate or Force Plate?


Bookmarks data

Timing data such as selected club type, start of take away, impact etc can be exported & viewed.



For exporting student information please see (How to export student details).


Launch monitor data

Here is an example screenshot of some of the available data from a recording with launch monitor data:




What data is available if I have a Balance Plate or Force Plate?


If you have a Balance Plate, you will be able to see the pressure distribution values, along with the bookmarks data.


Pressure distribution data 

Here is an example of the pressure distribution file:

Note: Values are pressure distribution percentages.



Force Plate raw data

This is an example of raw data exported from a recording with a 3D Motion Plate.

All data channels are available along with Center Of Pressure X & Y values.

Exported values are in Newtons.







Opening TSV (tab separated value) files in Excel:


In Excel, click Open file, and from the drop down menu, select All Files.




Import wizard steps (for tab separated only)







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